Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unusual Places to Visit: Marquand MO

Talk about heading to the sticks, head to Marquand MO is. However, as backwoods as you can get there is so much fun stuff to do there!
We ventured out to Marquand Mo one day last fall for their Pioneer Days festival. What a trip, Marquand is a cute, little, cozy town. They even have brick streets and huge trees sorta reminds me of days of the past! Marquand's Pioneer Days had to be the smallest festival I had ever attended, but I loved it completely. They had sand volleyball, woodcarving display, music, craft vendors, and lots and lots of FOOD Yummy Yummy FOOD! There is also and old cabin that has been moved and restored that is in the center of their park, it was awesome very kid friendly and gave you a taste of some of the first settlers in Marquand. My kid's favorite stop was the bridge that used to be part of the road that now sits as a stage in the middle of the park. AMAZING!
There is so much to do for young and old, Durso Hills Vineyard and Winery is in the center of the town and it looks absolutely charming. Unfortunately I was unable to stop in and taste their wine that day, but have since had to opportunity to polish off a bottle of it and LOVE IT! http://www.dursohill.com/

The Reagan Hotel Antiques is a must stop, I did spend about 2 hours in the building and fell in love with the upstairs. They have restored to upstairs to a dinner theatre, I think if I ever have a reception for any reason I would rent this room. VERY VERY elegant, took my breathe away I could have stood there and admired the work for hours. This is a must stop for anyone!
After our day full of fun we stopped off at the Hide Away Cafe, or as my daughter referred to as the Outhouse restaurant. The place looks like a shack, but you are eating some of the best home cooked food there is. I have eaten there several times in the past, and it is worth the drive just for the catfish. Looks maybe deceiving, so please judge by the taste!
Here are few links to Madison County, which is the county Marquand is located in. This area is worth the drive.

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