Friday, December 31, 2010

Bootheel Youth Museum, Malden MO

Over holiday break the kids, Aunt Gwyn, and I traveled to Malden to visit the Bootheel Youth Museum. This

place is similar the the Children's Discovery Playhouse in Cape Girardeau only bigger! 
Lots more climbing, running, and new things to discover. I would also say it has a better setup for older kids and yet there is so much more for little tikes to do also.

D-man's favorite thing was the NASA station, it amazed me he knew what the Space Station actually was. He watched the 6 minute video clip which I found boring three times, I can't believe he can sit still that long! 
 Lesse loved the firehouse, and so did I. Anything that makes my kids climb, run, jump and or slide I am in love with it!

For us the museum was about an 1hour 1/2 drive, I found it well worth it! 
I will warn they have been around a few more years then the one in Cape Girardeau so some of their displays show a little more age on them but they have much more to offer then the one in Cape Girardeau.

Check out their website for hours and admission, I think you might find something you like!

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