Sunday, April 14, 2024


Recently a fellow mom said “you are the most public person I know”… I laughed and thought this person thinks they really know me.    Sorry sister, you know the part of me I allow you to know.  

Fifteen years ago on a paid press trip to a Family Friendly Resort, I learned the true meaning of “privacy”. A man, that I did not know, overheard or sought out enough information about me to convince the young front desk clerk at the (major chain) resort that he was my husband and he wanted to surprise me with beer and roses. After leaving my kids attended to in the water park, I walked into my room to find a man in my shower, a dozen of roses on the counter and case of cheap beer beside the flowers.  I don’t drink beer.  It was an epic fail on all parts. 

I almost gave up my “influencer media role” that very moment and considered hightailing it to the safe grounds of Southeast Missouri, but instead I begin learning the middle ground. 

Social Media Sucks!  Yes I am on every outlet there is, I have more followers on X (formerly Twitter) than our regional paper, and I post so many times it’s annoying, BUT I also learned social media is necessary for business - no matter what business it is.  So until I am ready to retire and sit at home and do nothing, I will be social on the media.  

No One is safe from the intrusions of Social Media.  AND really NO ONE is stable and free from letting sin (jealousy, lust, and bitterness) take them farther than they want to go.  

SO as someone using social media as an information giver (press) or as an information receiver (reader/leaner/fan) you have to be aware of all the dangers and do some precautionary work and know you really don’t know the person on the other end.   That man in my hotel room would never have really wanted to be my husband - I am far too mean.  


  1. You may or may not see all my posts on social media,  I have the ability to change my settings to limit who sees what on every post.   I do that.  It’s my right and my power.  I have extremely close friends and then I have people that are just neighbors or associates.   

  2. At one time you may or may not have known my last name.   Now I don’t really have that need, but yes at one time I wrote and used social media under one of my very best friends last names.  It was a protection thing for my kids - and he happened to be my date to every wedding while I was single, so it worked.  

  3. Your kids do not have to be on social media.  They will not die if they do not have snapchat or TikTok!  Neither will you!  It’s not a necessary thing.

  4. More marriages and friendships have ended over snapchat and Facebook messenger - those messages do not always disappear.  Think before you send.   

  5. That end user is not always your friend or even a safe person.  Often people will ask me questions and I will pick up the phone and call.  Screenshots, text messages, phone numbers, ect can be altered.  Ex. I once had a lady that told me she was shown a message that I had sent about her.  I had never sent a message about her.  When I asked to show me the message, it was an obvious alteration to the contact picture.   Someone was jealous of what we were doing so they tried to destroy it.   I have often wondered how many more times this has happened, how many people hate me for something I didn’t actually do or say.  

  6. I am in control of who I want in my life - even on my business pages.   Guess what?!?! You annoy me. I can BAN your butt and live like a queen doing it.  

  7. I am in control of what I see!  Guess what?!?! I don’t see that many posts on social media.  1. I don’t get on social media that much.  It’s a time sucker.  2.  I unfollow people, places, things that I don’t like or want to see.  It’s amazing. And I can do a 30 day snooze if I just want to temporarily unfollow - I have actually shown people how to snooze me so they didn’t have to see Eclipse Post 900 times a day! 

  8. Social Media is NOT real life.   It just isn’t.   The lady down the street can be the nicest, most wonderful praise Jesus lady you have ever met on Social Media, but in real life she just isn’t and is out to hurt others and operating off bad intentions.  You can’t know this unless you in person know her.  

  9. Social Media Fame is TEMPORARY!  Even those influencers that have hundreds of thousands of followers, in 2012 it was thousands and I was the one with stats, something will knock them out of fame.  A new product, a new dance, a new shop, a new friend, a life change - something will replace them.  Because they are a fad and fame is a fad.  

  10. Take Breaks from Social Media and your phone before you get bad eyes and bad hands.   ONE day a week I put my earbuds in and spend the whole day listening to podcasts (usually God and Family Centered) and I IGNORE the social media world.  It is AMAZING!  I am refueled and feel centered.   Do this!  Do it for your family and friends!  Do it for yourself!   

  11. Read PAPER News!  It still exist and newspapers will still smut your hands!  Last week my husband asked “what are you going to wrap antiques with if the newspapers cease to exist”. Ummm that would be a problem!  BUT why paper???  Because print doesn't change!  Did you know an online post can be altered numerous times without you knowing it?!?!   News Online is not final.  Even though print is not always the most accurate, it can’t be altered, and is often used for sources in the future.  We go all digital we can change history and the future.  

When Yahoo and Microsoft Messenger was created the world forever changed.   There were no more simple days.  We no longer had the pleasure of stepping away or laying our phone off the hook for some private time.  It is like a 24 hour party line that wants to exploit you for good or bad.  

Your privacy is important.  Your down time is necessary.  Your heart is tender and needs you to be aware of what is lurking out there.   Take some time to snooze me and millions of others.  Make a goal to have in person conversations.   When necessary, limit who sees what you post online.   Only those that want to pry into your privacy will be mad at you for demanding your privacy.  

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