Friday, June 9, 2023

Restaurant Reviews by The Missouri Mom

 I was recently asked why I rarely review a restaurant in my own town.   I really do want my town to be the most successful it can be, but there is authenticity to my reviews and a level of biasness I hold for my community.  It is hard to give a non-bias review to people you know.  

Here are my rules to restaurant reviews: 

I rarely announce I am coming.  I like to catch the wait staff, owners, and chef by surprise.  I don't tell them who I am, but once I leave, I check in at their establishment and share an instant review.  Then I follow up with a full review and send it to the place as I am posting it on my own social media.   They have no way of changing my review or asking for favors. 

I rarely take compensated meals.   I occasionally work with tourism offices and accept gift cards that are good at any restaurant and once in a while a restaurant like Madison's Cafe in Jefferson City did before will recognize me or invite me back for a visit and I will accept it.  I do love the calamari at Madison's Cafe.  

My reviews are not professionally written and pitched to magazines.  Occasionally, the review will run in our local paper as my column, but I am not doing this for money, I do it for fun. and I love to support small businesses.  

I do not do reviews for favors.  Please do not send me your restaurant and ask me to come.  I do take tips on good places to eat from locals or others in the area, but I will not accept a meal in return for a review.  It is simply impossible to be authentic in that case.  

If you have seen me at your restaurant and I have not written a review; I either had an okay experience with okay food or I simply was not in the mood to write.  Don't take it personal. I will likely be back.  

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