Sunday, March 22, 2020

Share Your Church, God’s Got This

This morning over breakfast, inspired by our conversation with our neighbor Brandi, PaPa Tom and I discussed there will be more church on Facebook than there was on the channel 27 with the 700 Club.

In the midst of this, there are GREAT things happening through the church.  Prior to today, on Sunday mornings, the church we attend like many others was only seen or heard mostly by those sitting in the pews.  

Today, churches all across our nation will be or has been heard by millions from all over the world. The church has stepped outside of the doors and is preaching the message of God’s Love in this time of crisis.  

I encourage you if your church has an online service today, please share it.  Reserve yourself from posting any news articles, any meme’s, anything not family related or Jesus related and flood Facebook with God’s Love.  

Here is a list of a couple of our favorites that we know are online:  

First Baptist Church of Marble Hill, MO’s Pastor Andrew Green:

Cape First of Marble Hill:

Remember tonight, 8pm, set an alarm, and LET’S PRAY!   

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