Friday, August 12, 2016

Date a Christian and Your Life will be Different.

Even though no one is available or of age to date - dating is a hot topic in our house.  I know we must discuss it at least 7 times a week, or once a day. Lesse is almost 13, even though she swears "boys are gross", she is "too busy" for boys, and Mom says she may not date until she is much older - dating is still discussed. 

Along with talking to Lesse about dating - I seem to have a lot of single friends - so we chat, discuss, and I often barge in and tell them my two sense on dating.....mostly because I care (or I am just bossy).  

One thing I constantly tell my daughter and my friends is DATE a CHRISTIAN and your life will never be the same.  

Dating a christian is not what you think it is - it is so much more

When you date a christian - you have a whole lot less drama.  Yep, non christian men and non women have drama.  I know that is not fair that I labeled them like that, but the fact is where there is drama you can usually follow the trail back to SIN - a lot of nasty ol sin.   

When you date a christian - you do not feel pressured to put your beliefs aside.  My biggest fear is for daughter or son to turn down the fire they have burning for God - especially for someone who is not on the road to heaven.   You can say "I will go to church alone" and you might, but while you are there satan is hard at work destroying your relationship - so just date someone that goes to church and is on fire for God.  

When you date a christian - you do not have to worry about getting pregnant before getting married.  Bam!  I just said it!  When following Jesus - you DO NOT practice sex before marriage! So you do not have to worry about being a single or a teen mom - which also results in less drama - oh the list goes on! 

When you date a christian - you do not have to worry what your parents will think.  Yep!  No sneaking around for christians - because we have nothing to hide! 

When you date a christian - you don't have to worry about where they will lead you or do to you.  Again, less drama!  Kids do dumb things, but kids that are not christians do really dumb things - so why would you want to mix with someone that does really really dumb things - aka drugs, alcohol, sex, and the list goes on........

Dating is supposed to be.....

Fun, exciting, a way to enjoy life, share the love God has for us with someone here on earth - so before you say yes to that date - ask "are you a Christian and do you go to church"  

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