Friday, April 8, 2016

Flip Side Auto from wrecks to classics....

One of the perks of living in small town America is you get to see what people grow up to be.  

I vaguely remember Darron Baker from when I was a kid, his sister was close to my it was a
roundabout way.  

After moving back to my hometown of Marble Hill, MO - I again knew Darron in roundabout way - my gal pal decided she would buy a new used wrecked rebuilt car from him.

I was a bit hesitant about her decision - until I really got to know Darron and his business.  

Darron Baker owner of Flip Side Auto just outside Marble Hill has been in the fixing car business for 20+ years - that's like before I was even driving.  The man has a passion for turning wrenches and has turned his passion into a business that not only helps him, but helps his community.  

Flip Side Auto is exactly as it sounds, they take wrecked cars and flip them into something new - making nice cars even more affordable for his customers. 

Flip  Side Auto also offers full automotive repair, custom wheels, custom suspensions, custom exhaust, custom paint, insurance estimates, and insurance work and specialize in rebuilding wrecked vehicles and bringing them back to their showroom condition!


I recently visited Darron's shop and he was excited to say that Don Sitze former owner of Sitze Autobody in Marble Hill, had joined his team giving adding more years of experience to his team.  

After a short chat and showing me around the shop - Darron threw me the keys to one his rebuilt Jeeps and said test out my work and some backroading - so we did.  

I as a budget conscious person would I would trust Darron and Flip Side Auto with my car and I would trust his work to buy one of his rebuilt cars.  

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