Friday, September 12, 2014

Let's Talk Wisdom and Social Media

I talk a lot about social media, especially here in rural Missouri.  I spend time helping small bloggers/media, businesses, and people build their influence - and much of this I do for free.  I know I am destined to be broke, but at least I love.

Social Media is the 1980's party line of today - yes I know what a party line is - I shared a phone line with my beloved GaGa and the neighbors down the road - we knew everything about everyone for miles around.

Screwing up social media is worse than telling the wrong person your dirty little secret - SERIOUSLY.

One wrong word on social and you are doomed to be attacked and even worse if you are brand you are then labeled to be a hater.

I have seen some royal screw ups - I have made some royal screw ups - but at the end of the day we learn from our mistakes, and often other's mistakes.

Here is my tips to helping you avoid royal screw ups -

- Do NOT hire a college educated social media specialist - anyone can learn to build twitter followers, share photos of Instagram, and post snazzy updates on Facebook - but NOT everyone can learn humanity.  Humanity you are born with, you are then taught from an early age how to use that humanity quality.  People laugh when I say I do not have degree in marketing - that is correct I do not - I have a background in Social Work - which opened my already open mind - to something new and works for me when I am connecting with my followers.

- Be Real - following trends does not always pay off - I could be famous if I tried, but frankly being famous seems time consuming and exhausting - so I do not jump on every bandwagon social, political, and emotional train and ride it out - I just be me.

Social Media is NOT about numbers it is about people - I cannot preach it enough, every profile has a person behind it - unless they are computer generated, but that is totally different - every person has a story, an emotion, and an opinion.  Think about that when you are posting - yes it is your feed, your brand, your company - but it is your responsibility.

Ask for Help - arrogance is the worst - Having the opinion that you got this it dumb - no it is IGNORANT - I know you are intelligent, but there is no way possible any person knows everything.  Every day I am emailing someone asking for advice, how to approach something, or just sharing my thoughts - find your network and go with it.

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