Thursday, August 7, 2014

Places to Swim in Southeast Missouri

In the past 2 weeks I have had about 20 messages asking me about swimming areas close by!
(I don't mind!!!) 

Here is my "Mom opinion" I do NOT like Johnson Shut-Ins for swimming - it is far too hard to handle little ones there. 

However, I love Amidon Conservation Area - also known as Castor River Shut-Ins - it is owned and operated by Missouri Department Missouri Dept. of Conservation - so it is FREE to visit.

Other places on my list include Silver Mines Recreation Area - it cost a couple of dollars to access as it is operated by the USDA - the rates on this link is for camping - I believe it is $3 to park for the day or you can buy a Migratory Duck Stamp and access all of their parks.

Marble Creek Recreation Area is also nice - it gets crowded, but is affordable and nice. Also USDA owned, so the same pay system as Silver Mines. -

I have also swam at Plantation Access off of 72 highway just outside of Jackson, Missouri - it is very secluded, but the river is clean.

On my list of paid places - I like Whippoorwill LakeDD Hwy CampgroundCastor River Ranch Campground,Castor River - and of course the local pools in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, and Fredericktown.

Of course I will answer your questions if you ask, but I know sometimes it is hard to ask!

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