Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Than just a Live Nativity in Delta, Missouri

 “Mom, did that guy really just say I had to pay my taxes before I enter?”  With a confused, but innocent look on her face that is what my (then 5 year old) daughter said the very first time she visit Bethlehem Village of Hope in Delta, Missouri.

My daughter and I with the solider at Bethlehem Village of Hope.  Down the back road, off the beaten path, in this tiny town The First Baptist Church of Delta, recreates what Bethlehem may have looked like when Jesus Christ was born.
I first discovered this event off a tiny newspaper clipping in our local paper, I insisted that my dad and mom go with me to check it out.  I worried the whole time we were driving that I was wasting our time; thankfully, it was quit the opposite.  I remember my dad and his jolly laugh as he watched my curious daughter count her coins out as she paid her taxes to King Herrod.  I later found out that my mom returned every night the Village was open that year with a different group that she had rounded up…yes it is that good.
Bethelehem Village of Hope has become one of our favorite Christmas traditions, and my kids seem to love it more and more each year.  Continue to Read More

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