Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown 2013

I seriously HATE talking politics, I really could care a less who voted for who, and who did what.  In my head you have to be NUTS to actually want to be a politician.

I would much rather talk travel, kids, family, even religion before I talk politics...that is until politics affects one of my favorite subjects TRAVEL.

This morning my twitter feed was bombarded with government #shutdown news, I first sighed, then I growled, now I am just MAD.

Not only does this shutdown affect us travelers, but affects our economy GREATLY.  According to NBC Washington, you can still pay your taxes, but you cant  visit the Smithsonian, The National Zoo, Camp in a National Park, Visit a Battlefield.....Geshh how many of these communities depend on travelers for revenue, now they won't have them.

Our fabulous government, can't agree on anything, fact is we can't agree on anything in my household either, but I do know that I AM BROKE, and I won't stop people from coming to visit that will bring me MONEY.

This shutdown just utterly annoys me......


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