Saturday, August 10, 2013

Small Town Hospitality beats Big City Beauty Shop, Check out Total Results Salon in Marble Hill, MO

Disclosure:  I was sponsored by Total Results Salon, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Since moving back to Bollinger County, Missouri or as my friends call it the "sticks" of Missouri, there are obviously some conveniences that I have been forced to give up.  Being in a rural area we don't have hair shops, nail salons, and spas at every be completely honest many folks still use their Aunt So & So to cut their hair and help out with their beauty needs.

A few weeks back I was itching for some "uptown" pampering, but hated to drive 45 minutes to the city just for a few minutes of relaxation....yes it is really that far to a town with a population of more than 3000.  Well I saw a post on Facebook for Total Results Salon and decided I would I would try out some small town relaxation.

After all the big city trips (St Louis, Memphis, Las Vegas) I have decided I would prefer to use a small town beauty shop for my relaxation needs.  There is something about walking into a beauty shop, meeting your stylist, and sitting down and having a good old fashion conversation.  Danielle Beel, also a local girl, but we only knew each other in a "roundabout" way, which probably made my experience a little more fun.

As I entered the salon, it was way different than the fancy chairs, serenading music, candles lite for relaxation, and wine......Nope Danielle rolled out her stainless steel washtub, filled it full of warm water, and gave me a true small town pedicure.

While Danielle's shop was not upscale, full of gadgets, it was full of life, fun, and what means more to me than how fancy a shop is, it was full of TRUE SMALL TOWN HOSPITALITY.  When I visit a place rather it be here locally, or somewhere far away the one thing that stands out the most is how they treat me as a visitor.  I would not hesitate bringing my "big city" friends back to Danielle's shop for a girls day out, I would not hesitate visiting her shop with my daughter, and obviously I don't hesitate recommending her shop to my readers.

Danielle and Total Salon Results is a full service salon in uptown Marble Hill, Missouri...she offers pretty much anything you need or want for relaxation....only she adds in some Small Town HOSPITALITY.

Have an Adventurous Day!

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