Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bethlehem Village of Hope in Delta Missouri

We found #jesus at Bethlehem Village of Hope  ...

Every year I gather my flock and head down highway 25 south to Delta MO to visit Bethlehem Village of Hope at the First Baptist Church of Delta.

Several years ago, I stumbled across an ad in local paper for this event and it caught my eye, so I told my Mom that I was taking her there for her birthday, well she went along, as she really had no choice.  Then the next day she went back taking a dozen or so people with her, and we all have returned year after year. 

The First BaptistChurch of Delta, MO builds a small replica of Bethlehem, and what it might have been like the night that Jesus was born.  As you enter, you will receive a bag of shillings, with the bag of shillings, you are to pay your taxes upon entering the city, then you have money (shillings) to buy trinkets and treasures from the local Bethlehem merchants, and of course, as you are leaving the city you pay your respects to the Newborn King Baby Jesus.  While Jesus is cute and the reason for the season, D-man insists I tell you that you get to pet the sheep, the donkey, and see some camels. 

Treasures from Bethlehem #tmom #family #christ...
Treasures from Bethlehem
This event is free, with donations accepted, on December 1 & 2nd 2012 from 4 to 8 pm, while it is only a 20-mile drive from my house to Bethlehem, people often asks me is it worth the drive?  Here is my response it was worth the drive to me, it was worth me taking my out-of-state guest last night, and it was worth me writing a post about it, so yes to me it is worth the drive! 

For more information about Bethlehem Village of Hope in Delta, Mo visit their website, or just drive down there and check it out you all. 

Have an Adventurous Day!


Merchant in Bethlehem

Merchant in Bethlehem 

Wisemen in Bethlehem

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