Saturday, November 3, 2012

What the Heck is Instagram?

The Casino's sign is glowing this morn! #tmom ...
Instagram Photo I took 

God love my Mom and Dad, but they are a total #Fail when it comes to online technology and Social Networking.  Of course this will probably be the only post they read and will be annoyed I mentioned them, but they will still love me!  

I was out shopping and running errands with my Mom and Dad the other day and I shot some photos with Instagram, well my old fashioned parents had no clue what Instagram is, and I later discovered neither did my sister, and a few other folks.

Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that allows you edit and share your photos instantly.  It is available on a variety of smartphones through Itunes and Google Play, oh and it is FREE.

The perk to Instagram is that you can comment, instantly share, and connect with folks.  The downside is you MUST be either public or private; you cannot restrict photos individually, so beware of that if you shoot photos you don’t want everyone to see.  Now you can select how the app shares and if you share on Facebook you can set your Facebook setting to be private or public.    

via beckydavenport
via beckydavenport
Instagram will also allow you to mark location, use #hashtags, and comment and share others photos.  I personally think I rock Instagram, but I don’t have as many followers as others….mainly because we are in RURAL MISSOURI and a lot of folks aren’t on there yet. 
Instagram as I mentioned earlier allows you to instantly edit photos, you can make an awful photo look snazzy, as I did here in this photo just moments after running 5 miles…..trick of the trade my dear!

You can follow me on Instagram screen name is BECKYDAVEPORT, if you have any tips, ideas, or thoughts to share, would love to hear them! 


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