Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sugar Buzz Bakery in Cape Girardeau, MO

It is a Foodie Friday; my kids are hyped up on sugar from the Sugar Buzz Bakery in Cape Girardeau, MO
We found a tiny piece of Heaven right here in ...
We found a tiny piece of Heaven right here in @VisitCape! #tmom #travel #food via beckydavenport

This is probably the one of the few times I have allowed my kids and my taste buds be influenced by a commercial, but we saw this place recently on a commercial and immediately Lesse screamed “Mom, we must try it!”  I agreed, as we had to be in Cape Girardeau early the other morning and well what better way to kick off a holiday weekend than with Cupcakes for breakfast.

Our affection or addiction to bakeries, cupcake stores, and sweet shops happened months ago while Lesse and I were on our Mom and DaughterRoadtrip to Chicago.  Lesse had only one place she wanted to visit in Chicago and that was Sprinkles!  Now every time she sees a bakery she tells me “mom I wonder if it is as good as Sprinkles” well Sprinkles being world famous and on the Food Network, it is hard to compare. 

So Wednesday morning as the kiddos stood face to glass with Sugar Buzz Bakery’s glass cover, I knew what Lesse was thinking….this girl is a tough judge when it comes to her cupcakes.  She carefully selected the perfect cupcake, or at least the tallest cupcake, and there is only one-way to sum up her opinion…..SHE LICKED THE WRAPPER!  Forget the manners; forget that her Mom will be telling the world, she licked the cupcake wrapper clean!  I then asked my semi-official cupcake critic what she thought and her reply was “better than Sprinkles”….that means they are GOOD!  


Now D-man, for some odd reason my little man is not much for a sweets person, he often orders a sweet, but never finishes it.  He did order a wedding cake cupcake, took 5 or so bites, and then tore into his cake –pop that he had bought.  His response is, well he left there with sugar smeared from ear to ear! 

Eating with no hands! Okay! 

For this Momma, well I can never pass up food, and I boast that loudly so I don’t have to explain why I workout.  I chose a red-velvet cupcake, classic, but superb…..while I did not LICK THE WRAPPER, I was tempted to. 
Proudly displaying my Cupcake before I devoured it! 

Sugar Buzz Bakery is located at 1929 Independence Street in Cape Girardeau, MO.  Visit their website, or Facebook Page for complete details…by the way they do take large orders, just in case you need something for that next holiday party!

Have a Delicious Day!



Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any form for this review, our visit to Sugar Buzz Bakery was just one of our occasionally random stops.  

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