Monday, November 19, 2012

Gadget Monday with ShaveTech

I saw this handy dandy razor and I instantly decided I would track the thing down.  The razor claims to transform the way today’s travelers think about electric razors.  Well I travel and I shave regularly, so I decided I would check it out, of course like so many other gadgets this thing discloses “any man who has ever tried to get a good close shave while traveling….yada yada yada”.  I stopped at the any man, as I don’t follow rules and often buy men’s razors, because I like my legs to be smooth especially when I am decked out in my skirts (don’t tell my Momma this). 

The @Shavetech Razor is smaller than our IPod!...
The @Shavetech Razor is smaller than our IPod! How cool is that???? #tmom #travel via beckydavenport
First thing first, I love how small and cute this razor is, shame they don’t design it for women in PINK, but just the same the white razor is small, in fact smaller than Lesse’s Ipod.  Now here is the selling point, this razor charges from a USB….meaning you can charge your razor from your laptop or computer.  I know crack me up, I can see all these men sitting in airports charging their razors.  The USB adapter ideally makes this product perfect for folks that travel overseas as they do not have to worry about converters.  

The USB charge last 30 minutes when fully charged, you should be able to get close clean shave in 30 minutes, unless you are Big Foot or something.   Now I would not say that the ShaveTech Razor is ideal for your first shave, I would more say this is a maintenance razor, meaning it will keep you smooth while on the go, and it is easy to travel with. 

Now ladies and gentlemen I know you are wondering if I used this razor to shave my legs, Yep I sure did, as I said before I typically break all the rules of society….it is called women’s equality.  I will be keeping my ShaveTech Razor in my travel bags, as I can see this handy little gadget working well on my travels….after all who wants to travel with shave gel, razors, wax, and all those other required items to make us look pretty!  I would also add this to my list of fun holiday gifts for those men on the go, after all we want them to come home looking pretty also!  

You can get a firsthand look on how the ShaveTech Razorworks, how to buy it, and a complete list of facts about the product on their website.

Have A Good Day!


Disclosure:  I was given the ShaveTech Razor for a review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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