Monday, October 29, 2012

Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City Missouri

This past summer when the kids and I on our road trip to Kansas City Missouri, we had the opportunity to visit Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City.

The museum is dedicated the history of  The Arabia and the treasures that were recovered 132 years after the boat sank.  The boat was not only a passenger boat, but also a cargo ship, and was loaded with merchandise.  Much of the merchandise and cargo was wet, but had been preserved by being encased in water and mud.        
The Hull of the boat

Inside the Steamboat Arabia Museum you will learn the history of The Arabia, why it sank, how many causalities, including the one mule that was supposed to be released, but was discovered it had not been, and learn how they recovered the boat and merchandise. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Steamboat Arabia Museum, I could have spent hours wondering through the museum, learning the history, and admiring all the artifacts.  However, I must confess the Steamboat Arabia Museum was not ideal for my little man had ZERO patience for the museum.   He lasted through the introduction, five minutes into the short clip, they show, and that was about all he was good for.  Now Lesse on the other hand who was eight, she really enjoyed the museum, but had a hard time understanding and following the guidelines.  There is very few things you can touch, and hands-on stuff, therefore they did not “enjoy” the museum as much as they have other museums.  However, I will note Lesse remembers a lot from the museum and often talks about the things that she saw and how the perfume smelled that she had the opportunity to smell. 

The Arabia Steamboat Museum is located at 400 Grand Blvd in Kansas City Missouri; visit their website for complete information.  

Photos from the Steamboat Arabia Museum

Merchandise that was on the boat

China Dishes

where they work on preserving the stuff 

The Snag that Sank the Boat


The Perfume


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