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Small Towns, Businesses, Events need to SOCIAL NETWORK

Okay Southeast Missouri, first I want to say I LOVE YOU GUYS, but now I want to say you all tick me off! 

My mission when I start Adventures Among Us was to spread the word about local events, places to visit, and cool things that people forget about.  I may not be perfect at it, but I can say I have done a decent job, or at least my stats show I have.

Today my frustrations have overwhelmed me…normally I only complain about people, not entire regions.

For 68 years, Jackson High School of Jackson Missouri has been hosting the Jackson Band Festival, and today it rolls around again.  I posted on my personal Facebook page reminding my friends of it, thinking that one of our 4 local newspapers, our local TV Station, the City of Jackson’s website, or the Jackson School Website would have some sort of information out about it…..GUESS WHAT?  NADA, not a drop, okay there is a little info giving times on the school calendar, but NO information about where the parade runs, who is participating, why they have this event, or anything.

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Now while it is frustrating as a parent, a citizen of Jackson, and someone who wants to go to the parade…as I spent 30 minutes of my day looking for information (okay not really, but I could have).  Here is my real point, Jackson Area Businesses WHY THE HECK DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?   I mean seriously, how many local schools are coming to our town?  How many parents are coming to watch their son or daughter perform?  How many mouths does that mean could eat at YOUR restaurant, fill up their gas tank at YOUR gas station, get a soda at YOURdrive thru?  I mean seriously HOW MUCH does it COST to simply update a Facebook page, share a little info….if you pay someone maybe $2 for how much return?  The last time I ate at Tractors Uptown Jackson, MO my bill was $30 ….seriously that restaurant could have had 100 families eat there tonight….might still, but imagine the possibility if you just put the information out there. 

Jackson, MO is NOT the only community that is slacking on sharing the information.  Within a 30-minute drive of my house, I can name dozens of places or events that can draw in a huge crowd and some profit for that small community, BUT there is little information out there.  I am still working on getting information out, but there is a shocking factor here I DON’T WORK FOR FREE, and I am ONLY ONE PERSON!    
People we are NOT living in the 1950’s, people are in fact BUSY and while they may stop to enjoy and evening they are not going to want to spend hours looking for information.  Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are powerful tools, not only do they reach your local community, but they reach the communities around you, and people from all over the world!  BLOGGERS (like me) are an asset to your community, every day in my email box, I receive media releases, information of upcoming events, and to be honest this excites me, because it means I get to share the information with my readers.  I spend hours talking to my readers, sharing information, sharing my experiences, telling folks where to take their families, where to go out on dates, and better yet I even tell them where NOT to go…… 

I can pitch to you all day how great I am, or how great what I do is, but we are in fact the Show Me State so you have to see it to believe it.  Here is a copy of statistics from a local small town’s Facebook page (yes, I help run it and they reimburse me) the town has a population of 203; however, I have seen events that this small town puts on completely SELL OUT!  Friday night I attended a show at their performing Arts Center, the venue held 130 people, the show was a sell out, and they were turning away people all day long.  Folks this is possible, small towns can survive and actually make a descent profit! 

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I know as a person, knowledge is power, learning is success, and having time to do things is the problem, but there are resources out there.  I extend this invitation to all local communities and businesses in Southeast Missouri, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and okay anywhere that is a day drive away.  If you are struggling, if you feel that you need help social networking, if you truly want to promote your business (large or small) , and want more information, a list of resources, people’s names to contacts, to learn what Social Networking is PLEASE CONTACT ME.  I will say I DO NOT work free, but I do work from my heart and I have a deep passion and LOVE for small communities.  My email address is adventuresamongus@gmail.com you can find me on facebook under Becky Davenport or Adventures Among Us, or reach me on Twitter at @BeckyAdventure

I will NOT say that I am an expert on Social Networking, but I will say that if I cannot help you I will work my hardest to find someone who can!

Peace Out my Friends….and even though I am FRUSTRATED, I LOVE YOU GUYS!  

Disclosure:  My trip to Marquand, MO this past weekend was sponsored by Marquand, MO.

Disclosure:  the statistics shown above are from Marquand, MO I am compensated for helping run Marquand's facebook page, helping promote events, and sharing photographs of Marquand, MO.   

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