Monday, October 22, 2012

Amidon Memorial Conservation Area in the Fall

Yesterday afternoon, the kiddos, my Gal Pal Carissa, her kiddo Abs, and I all decided we would take a last minute road trip to Amidon Memorial Conservation Area near Fredericktown, MO.  

With our bags full of snacks, my camera, and backseat full of giggly kids we hit the road for an Adventure.  I have been to Amidon Memorial Conservation Area (also known as Pink Rock) several times, but always during the summer to enjoy the “natural water-slides”.  My goal for this trip was to shoot some amazing photos of our kiddos, well after one tumble into the water, a wet camera, fear I had lost my Iphone I had total success!  

My photos are all shot with Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP  Digital SLR with 18-mm IS II Lens and EOS HD Movie Mode.  Often people ask me how I get such amazing photos and how much did I invest in my camera, to be honest my camera is quite affordable.  The average retail price is around $450 with the standard lens; the camera is a great camera for on the go and beginner photographers.

The Gang....They are AMAZING

Posing for Vogue?  Maybe


More Photos Available Here! 

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