Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Soda Fountain Steelville, MO

You know those restaurants that you step in and you just know they are family owned, family ran, and family friendly.  Well a hot summer day last year I stopped off at The Soda Fountain in Steelville,MO for some ice cream and soda pop, but I always swore to myself that I would return to try their “real food”.  

Well since this past weekend the kids and I were in Steelville’s neighboring town of Cuba, MO for a fantastic car show, I decided we must drive back to Steelville and visit The Soda Fountain. 
Let’s step back to the 1950’s, no better yet let’s stay here and bring out a modernized 1950’s.  The Soda Fountain has the retro theme going, but service, expertise, and fun of the 2012.  One thing that always stands out in my head while dining out is the SERVICE, I could care a less how great a place’s food is if their service is bad.  The Soda Fountain’s service was top-notch, I will say I had to wait a bit for my meal, however I arrived just as they started serving lunch, and ordered the special, not the typical burger and fries.  The wait was worthwhile; the food was just as yummy as it looked, sounded, smelled, and even better it was FRESH. 

The "special of the day"  Chicken Enchiladas
fyi.....the corn is amazing!

Now I said I had to wait, and as you guessed, I had those two “adorable” sidekicks with me.  We all know how inpatient they can be, believe me I am fighting them off right now as I type, well the wait was not an issue.  The Soda Fountain’s retro design comes complete with a penny candy machine, popcorn machine, and many other “vintage” eye-intriguing times that kept those “adorable” sidekicks well entertained.  

D & Lesse's Hot dog Lunch....yes it was as good as it looks! 
The Soda Fountain is located at 105 E. Main in Steelville, Missouri.  On their menu, you will find the American Favorites of burgers and fries, hot dogs, chili, taco salad, and a SF Special of the Day.  They also serve award winning Ruby’s Ice Cream, made in neighboring town of St James, Missouri.  The Soda Fountain is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm, or call 573-775-2800 to confirm hours and special events.   
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  1. Thank you Becky for the plug on for The Fountain!

    We really appreciate you taking the time to share with others, the amazing story and ambiance of the Fountain, it's history and finds, as well as the Fabulous food we serve here.

    Thanks to my husbands love for cooking, my daughter's beautiful plating and the sweet helpers to cap every minute of your stay.

    It is the heart of the town, we like to think, where you are taken back in time, enjoying the present and get a taste of the Future all in one visit!

    Please do come visit us again if you are ever back in town!

    Thank you,

    (Operating Manager, Quality Controller, Hostess, Waitress, Soda Jerk, Wife and Mom)


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