Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Puppetry Arts Institute Independence, MO

The hidden arts in Independence, MO bring life to our long time beloved friends “puppets”.  Almost every child has a love for puppets or at least Pinocchio and at the Puppetry Arts Institute you can watch that love come to life.  

This summer on the kids and I’s road trip to Kansas City, MO we spent the day touring Independence, MO and on our list was the Puppetry Arts Institute.  I must confess at first I was not sure how well this would go over, especially for young Dillard as he has limited patience, but ten minutes into our stop I was proven wrong and I knew!  

Upon arriving at the Puppetry Arts Institute, we had the opportunity to learn a bit of the history behind the institute and Hazelle Harriet Hedges Rollins, the lady originally behind all the puppets.  Hazelle began a small puppet company in 1932 that became the largest puppet factory in the world and was located in Kansas City Missouri.  The factory made marionettes, hand puppets, and finger puppets until the 1980’s when it closed.  Inside the museum, you can see many of the puppets that were produced at the factory. 
Painting Wheeler Dog Puppet
Now for the real fun, we got to make our very own puppets. 

If I had to rate the things we did this summer on a scale of most remembered I would have to say making our own puppets would top the list.  In fact, the puppets are probably our still most favorite souvenir from the summer.  The Puppetry Arts Institute offers workshops that allow children (or adults) to get hands on experience making their own puppet.  The session takes a half an hour to an hour and you choose your puppet, paint your puppet, and give your puppet a body.  Children over the age of 12 can also make their very own Hazelle Clown Marionette, however, these take 3 to 4 hours and can take a bit if patience.    

If you plan your visit right you can also catch a first class Puppet Show, monthly the institute host puppet shows suitable for all ages.  Visit here for their schedule of shows and upcoming events.  

Have an Adventurous Day!   


Our Puppet Show

The Museum 

Creating Cora the Ballerina 

not sure, but love how attentive he was!

Disclosure:  Our visit to The Puppetry Arts Institute was sponsored by Independence Missouri, a big thank you to them for giving us the opportunity, but all thoughts, opinions, and photos are mine....and the kids belong to me also!
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  1. Thanks for your great review of the Puppetry Arts Institute! We shared this on our Facebook page. Hope to see you and your family here again soon!

    Puppetry Arts Institute


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