Thursday, August 23, 2012

4 Kid Pleasing Stops in Kansas City

Spend the day amongst the animals at the Kansas City Zoo. Get face to face with Nikita the Polar Bear, watch as the 800-pound bear practices his backstroke. After spending hour’s well maybe not hours, but my kiddos spent thirty minutes or more admiring Nikita, head over to be greeted by eight-year-old Sumatran Tiger brothers Manis and Langka. The big kitty cats have a brand new habitat on Tiger Trail that they are proud to show off. Next, stop the catch the amusing, comical, yet very intelligent Sea Lions. This group of Sea Lions put on an amazing show that kept my four year old not only still, but begging for more thirty minutes.
The Kansas City Zoo not only gives you that up close and personal feeling to the animals, but also offers unique ways to see the animals. Several of the animals’ habitats are open and children are able to pet the animals or feed them. The Kangaroos, however, are in a field at a distance, but open range giving you a feel that you are actually in Australia.  Continue to Read More

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