Sunday, July 8, 2012

Resort at Port Arrowhead Lake of the Ozarks

When traveling with kids or at least for me the biggest challenge is often finding lodging that is not only clean, affordable, but is extremely kid friendly.  Note, I say KID friendly because we all know if the kids are not happy then Momma is not happy! 

On my recent excursion to Lake of the Ozarks with two wild sidekicks, we stayed two nights at Resort at Port Arrowhead.  While there is loads of things to do in Lake of theOzarks (when I say loads I mean more than you can imagine) the great thing about the Resort at Port Arrowhead is you can also just hang out at the resort and keep those kiddos busy and happy.  

Daily…I mean HOURLY…. Resort at Port Arrowhead has games and activities planned that are not only family friendly, but intended for all ages.  Kid’s coloring contest, kids mini golf, bingo at the pool, hip hula hoop contest, biggest splash contest, and our favorite was the Friday night Dive-In Movie at the outdoor pool. 

While fun, games, and oh wait I meant keeping those kiddos busy and entertained is important the one other major vacation concern is WHERE TO EAT.  I swear all kids ever think about is keep me busy, keep me happy, and FEED ME.  Well here is the scoop they have an onsite restaurant and even better it is a fabulous on site restaurant.  Okay what makes it fabulous, besides great food, friendly service, the main catch is Kid’s Eat FREE (ages 12 & under).  Yes, that is the hook line and sinker, we all know meals can run us sometimes as much as our lodging, so a bargain like this sends this resort over the least in this Momma's eyes.  

 Now that I have overloaded you on how busy they will keep you and how much they will feed you, I know you all want to know how the rooms are.  Well our hotel room looked a million times better the day we arrived than the day we left…just kidding!  However, I will say my kids felt right at home and so did I, for a busy vacation destination the rooms were clean, modern, and the staff was friendly and ready to help. 


Visit the Resort at Port Arrowhead’s website for more details or to make reservations; be sure to check out their vacation packages as they are often running some money saving deals.

Have an Adventurous Day!


Disclosure:  our visit to Resort at Port Arrowhead was sponsored by The Benders-Walker Group, all photos and opinions are my own!

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