Monday, July 30, 2012

Living it Up at the Munger Moss on the Route 66 in Lebanon, MO

While I am not a Hotel Snob I will say I am the first to pull into a Holiday Inn or other big name hotel.  Why I don’t know I often spend days in cabins, tree houses, or other odd lodging facilities, but I forget about the old Ma & Pop Motels.  

Well I was recently invited to visit the Munger Moss Motel on the Route 66 in Lebanon, MO.  While making my decision rather or not I could travel that week, I was flipping through the motel’s website and glancing over photos, hey we all check out the place before we go right.  Well the first thing that caught my eye was the Munger Moss Motel sign; it looks similar to the hotels & motels on the well-known child’s film Cars.
Well it all worked out and I had my opportunity to head to Lebanon, MO (was I ever glad, I was flying SOLO & needed the vacation).  The Munger Moss Motel was exactly as I had pictured it, yes folks this is a true Ma & Pop Motel, but guess what that’s what makes it so perfect.  

The Munger Moss Motel looks like what I would envision the motel my Mom and Dad stayed at on their honeymoon 42 years ago.  The sign was as neon as you could get, the rooms had those funky colors and mismatched tile, the bedding well lets pull out that tacky pink color and add some silk to it…I think we have “Motel No-Tell”…just kidding!  (I will add the rooms may have been a bit retro, but they were VERY clean)

What really sets the Munger Moss apart from many of the “big chain” motels and hotels is the personal service.  I had the opportunity to get to visit with  Ramona Lehman, her husband Bob and her have owned Munger Moss for nearly 42 years. Ramona shared with us how much times have changed on the Route 66, in the motel business, and the types of travelers she often gets.  

My new British Friend

When Ramona first bought the Munger Moss Motel rooms rented for $9 a room, we cannot even buy 3 gallon of gas for that now.  Back then, many of her travelers were vacationers and folks making their way across the country, today many of the Munger Moss visitors are Route 66 “Roadologists” meaning they are visiting or making their way across the Historic Route 66.  Ramona said it is not uncommon to get groups or vacationers from overseas.  I can agree with that as while on my visit I had the opportunity to meet and become quick friends with Catherine, a visitor from England.  Catherine and her friends were on an excursion across the US following the Route 66.  

The attraction to the Munger Moss Motel is the unique amenities; have you ever felt like you are more of a friend than a guest?  Other hotel amenities include; large swimming pool, outdoor fireplace (where you can make new friends), Free WiFi, and of course an abundance of Route 66 knowledge free for all those that take time to ask.    

To learn more about the Munger Moss and how you can visit this adorable historical hotel visit their website

Have an Adventurous Day!

My Room

Ramona- Owner of Munger Moss

Disclosure:  My visit to Munger Moss was sponsored by Benders- Walkers Group.  A big thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit, but all thoughts, opinions, and photos are MINE.  

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