Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome Home Momma we MISSED You

I have been on a whirlwind for the past few day, but my whirlwind was minus my sidekicks!  Yes, momma flew solo again and I must confess it felt GOOD!  Hey, those adorable faces you all fall in love with so easily require a LOT OF WORK…..sighhhhhh!

Okay since I did not have my two bosses along WHAT DID I DO? Right I sat around and bon bons and worked on my suntan….I WISH, but I did have tons of fun! 

I left late Sunday afternoon (after depositing the kids at their destination) and hit the streets of St. Charles MO yes, of course, I have tons to share, but guess what YOU HAVE TO WAIT.  I will say for the first time EVER I set my feet on the Katy Trail for my morning run!  SCORE.  It was grand. 

I left St Charles Monday morning and was on my way to Lebanon, Mo…here is a short set of details this is what I did: hung out on the Route 66, met a way too cool British Blogger, went shopping, ate way too much food, went canoeing, saved my canoeing partner more than once (I WISH), checked out this cute campground, ate too much food, met the alpacas again, model alpaca clothing…yes must see photo, and learned bits and pieces about fly fishing.   Sheeewwww…okay you must wait to read the whole story and I do promise there is much more.  

I returned home on Wednesday afternoon and if you have not guessed it yet those smiling little angels that I often say are more evil than kind were happy to see their Momma.  However, they also had been just as busy as Momma.  Dillard and Lesse has spent their first ever week at Calvary Hilltop Church Camp!  Calvary Hilltop is the same rustic little church camp that momma attended oh so many years ago as a little girl, met some of my very best friends, and learned what good ol fashion fun was. 

Today we all have returned home, Lesse stayed 2 more nights at camp after I got home.  We all are a bit exhausted, there is a mound of laundry, and very happy to see each other.  

Have an Adventurous Day

Disclosure:  My trip was sponsored by the TBW Group, but all opinions are my own. 

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