Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Missouri State Parks offer Wifi

Texting & Hiking...Yep that's me!

Okay call me a goof, or addict to my phone, computer, and electrical devices, but I am so excited to find out Missouri State Parks now offer Wifi! 

I know camping or visiting a state park is supposed to be getting away from your chaotic life, but I am the first to admit I cannot be completely disconnected.  Mostly for work purposes, but I also love to share fun photos of our vacations, stay connected to our family, and often I am traveling during the school year and need to turn in my college homework. 

Currently eleven state parks offer wireless access either throughout the campground or there are hotspots where you can go to log on.  Campgrounds with wireless access are located in the following state parks: Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon; Montauk State Park near Salem; Roaring River State Park near Cassville; Table Rock State Park near Branson; Meramec State Park near Sullivan; Sam. A. Baker State Park near Patterson; Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park in Wildwood; Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park near Middlebrook; Onondaga Cave State Park near Leasburg; Long Branch State Park near Macon; and Finger Lakes State Park near Columbia.

Thank you Missouri State Parks for making vacation easier! 


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