Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Hotel Deals in St. Louis MO

So I recently shared with you all my nightmare headache with Priceline.com and my attempt to save money that caused more stress than it did savings.  While the whole situation caused me stress, it was not enough stress to force me to give up my love for travel; it just forces me to look for new ways of saving money on travel

Today I am going to introduce you a few sweet family friendly hotel deals for the summer in St Louis, Mo. 

Holiday Inn St. Louis South is just minutes from the downtown area, but still gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the downtown…from a Momma’s perspective, that is a score.  The hotel’s amenities include an INDOOR and OUTDOOR pool…yes that is all caps for a reason, that is a must when you are traveling with little monsters like mine.  While I seldom travel with our dog Wheeler (because he as big as both kids put together) it is good to know that pets are welcome at this facility.  The Fitness Center, some of you may recall on my trip to Oklahoma I praised and raved the Holiday Inn in Downtown Tulsa for having a wonderful Fitness Center…well I will praise and rave this Holiday Inn also for having an Fitness Center…that is always at the top of my list.  FREE high speed wireless internet, some of you may say don’t all hotels have this…the answer is NO, I have been charged as much as $15 a night, just to be able to log on to the WiFi…OUCH, especially when have to have it for work.  On-site restaurant, I know those on-site restaurants can be a bit more pricey than the fast food joint down the street, but they are on-site meaning you do NOT have to get in the car and leave the building to grab a bite to eat…one more perk when you are traveling with monsters like mine! 

 Holiday Inn St. Louis South’s summer deals include:
  • Book Early & Save rates- discount ranges from 15-20% off, requires a full deposit with a full cancellation penalty

  • Special Offer- discount ranges from 5-10% off, requires a one-night non-refundable deposit
  • Summer Promotional- this rate changes depending on the exact dates and does not require any deposit or cancel penalty.  It is subject to availability.
My love for this Hampton Inn begins with it being 100% non-smoking…sorry folks, my little man has a bit of an allergy, and it never fails we get a step to close and our eyes look awful…so Thank You Hampton Inn for being smoke free.  They also earn my seal of approval for having on-site a Fitness Room and pool…hey you have to wear those little ones out before bedtime.  They also have several kid-friendly amenities including children’s activities, children’s video rental, family hotel packages, and those extra things you are always struggling to pack (high chairs, cribs) well they have them on hand…just ask guest services.  Now to set this place over the top…guess what you get Breakfast on House.  Yep enjoy a free hot breakfast before you start your busy day in St Louis, MO.  Oh, and don’t forget the FREE parking..I know this is always mind boggling, but many hotels do charge for parking, but this hotel has free parking.   

Hampton Inn & Suites Summer Deals include:  

  • Book Now and Save 15% with The Great Getaway - Don't settle for any getaway - make your next escape The Great Getaway. Save 15% when you book a stay at participating Hampton® hotels by July 23, 2012 for stays through September 30, 2012.

  Tips to getting Hotel Deals
Above is just two money saving deals for St Louis, MO, but if those two hotels are not in your radar here is some tips on saving money on hotels.
  • Book Early
  • Check Cancellation Policy- many hotels offer full refund if booked direct and cancelled before certain time.
  • Check the hotel's website for packages and coupons
  • Call the hotel direct, ask if they offer cooperate discounts...many offer employee and affiliate discounts.
  • Look for hotels who offer attraction discounts..many offer an attraction package that will save you money on your visit.
  • Look for Points Programs...especially if you travel frequently. 
  • All else fails- I have had good experience with Expedia.com and Hotwire.com.  

Have a Happy Summer Adventure!


 Becky is the Missouri Traveling Mom, her blog site is Adventures Among Us. She not only shares a unique passion for traveling with her family, but traveling in Missouri. For more of Becky’s adventures find her on facebook Adventures Among Us, or follow her on Twitter @BeckyAdventure.

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  1. Becky:

    Great suggestions...STL is a city that requires lots of driving regardless of where you stay, so I think price is the best way to pick a hotel.

    For Priceline bidding, check-out www.betterbidding.com for tips and tricks. As you know I use it all the time, and get really good deals. You could also try Hotwire (you can reasonably predict the hotel through the hotel listings on betterbidding.com); Hotwire is about 15% more than Priceline, but still a great deal.

    Hope you have a summer full of travels!


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