Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I CANNOT Live Without......

I was recently asked to make a list of things I could NOT live without, I know they meant for me to write down  my kids, my family, my yada yada yada.  In reality, we all can’t live without those necessities, but what are the things that we REALLY can’t live without…or just really don’t want to!  Here is my list.  

Dillard’s Kickin New Shoes. 
I searched HIGH and LOW for the perfect pair of summer shoes for my little man.  Truth be told, he might as well go barefoot most of the time as the child loves his “fip fops” but “fip fops” make terrible hiking, biking, and traveling shoes.  I stumbled across these adorable Timberland Mad River Closed Toe Sandals and decided I would give them a try, or the little man would try them.  Verdict is Momma Loves them as much as the little man does, these sandals meet our every need.  They are great for outdoor adventures and still kickin enough we can pull them off with our khaki pants.  We give them out 2- thumbs up seal of approval. 

Momma’s Tag-Along
Since the little man was a baby and the little woman was using training wheels, biking has become one of our weekend entertainments.  Last summer I made the investment in a WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer and man am I ever so glad I did!  While the Celesse is big enough to ride her own bike, Dillard is still too untrained to understand the brakes, so happily rides on his WeeRide Bike.  Ideally he is suppose to help by pedaling along, but don’t fool yourself, I often find him pedaling backwards, singing songs, or blowing his horn yelling “momma, pedal faster I like to feel the wind”  Momma’s do what they got to do. 

My Own Paparazzi
No I don’t really have paparazzi following me around...I am not that popular yet...LOL.  However, I am my own paparazzi, with my very own Canon Rebel Camera.  I forgot how great my camera was until I was asked to snap some shots with another camera, and sigghhhh the other just don’t live up to my  Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR.  We have not been to a photographer in about 8 years, and Dillard did not understand why the school photographer wanted to take his picture and told him “I don’t need my picture taken, my momma takes pictures of me all the time.”  The child hit it right on the nail, I am constantly snapping photos of my adorable monsters. 

Java Down The Street
While this is not a product, I own it is something I purchase daily, sometimes several times a day.  Recently they opened a Mercato di Rhodi down the street from my house and I must confess the poor cashier there knows the color of my vehicle and what I am going to order.  Hello 9 am Coffee Buzz, I love you!  

*****Disclosure I was NOT compensated for any of these products, and that is my child on the bike with me.  

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