Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crawdad Fishing in Missouri

Do you want to know the key to successfully helping your kids make friends, well I do not have it, but I have discovered Crawdad Fishing brings like minds together.

First, what is a Crawdad, well it is this little crab looking thing that in other areas can grow rather large and is good to eat, however, where we go crawdad fishing they are like an inch long and hide under the rocks on the bottom of creeks and streams.  

Now how do these things bring friends together, I have no clue, but pack a bucket, a few fishing nets, and you will see a couple of kids work together to fill those buckets full of crawdads.  Let us face it boys will boys, and girls will be girls, and in life it is only about having fun.  

We spent the afternoon at Castor River on the edge of Marquand, MO and we thoroughly enjoyed the nice beach area (it is not sandy), the shallow water, and of course as I have always said about those Marquand people their smiling faces!   

Have an Adventurous Day!  

~ Becky  

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