Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Ideas…Get Your Own!

Since I live in such a small community, and write/blog for so many different places I have held my tongue about so much for so long!  Today has sent me OVER THE EDGE, and I am a bit annoyed.   While I have no proof, and really, there is absolutely no way to prove this, since a majority of my work is on the internet, I still have a fairly regular pattern that seems to be leading to the same trail.

I know that I am “just a blogger” and my work is probably a good place to get some good ideas, or at least it is intended for family travel ideas.  However, for the 3rdmonth in a row I have opened up a local magazine only to see a very similar story as I have recently published, very similar photos, only a bit different twist.  Now I am typically a reasonable person, and realize that there is only so many places you can talk about in Missouri, but there is a bit a story behind this.  Not only do I run this blog, blog as the Missouri Traveling Mom, am a Community Blogger for the Southeast Missourian, blog as a total dingbat for River Hills Traveler (they feel sorry for me so allow me to blog there) and I help coordinate the Explore Southeast Missouri site….I also FREELANCE when I get the chance. 

In October 2011, I submitted a lead to this fairly local magazine, but I NEVER heard a thing back from them.  Not a total surprise to me, as media is a busy world, but not long after that, I started noticing that in their magazine they were covering places that I had recently covered.  I decided the first time it was coincidence, the second time I thought hmmm…and spouted off a bit, and today I pulled the magazine out and it happened again….I have to say my gut instincts is that someone is watching my blogs for content for their magazine!

So Dear Editor, or fellow writer, if you are here to get ideas;
  • Check your subscribers….my name is on it!
  • I am NOT a Public Library….so I am NOT your free resource.
  • It is unfair to your readers IF you are taking my ideas that I publish for FREE and charging your readers for them…
  • I have been told from a few writers, that others writers are good place for ideas…WRONG it is RUDE!  Looking for original content should be your #1 priority…not borrowing from someone else’s idea.
Becky & my Annoyed Brain. 

I may completely out of line here, and I apologize if I am, but I am going to need some real HARD proof if I am.  I was also recently told that having a “copycat” is flattery, NOT if that copycat is making double the $$$$$$$$ as I am!  

I am going to leave you with the challenge to read The Blogger’s 10 Commandments of, and while you are not a “blogger” and think those rules don’t mean anything, please know it is still common courtesy not to steal ideas!   


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