Friday, April 27, 2012


Dear Fellow Bloggers…Specifically Those in the FOOD World,

I am in a near crisis, okay not a crisis, but could be if I do not figure something out!  I hate to use the B word (Busy), but it is true, between juggling work, family, the husband working crazy schedule, and okay I just like to have fun time, I am in need FAST, EASY, HEALTHY, KID FRIENDLY RECIPES!   On average I have about 45 minutes to cook dinner a daily, but sometimes it’s as little as 20 minutes, and I am not a fan of fast food, nor is my waistline, so I need all the recipes and tips I can get.

If you will comment below with your link to your favorite recipes that you have blogged about, I will happily test them out and share them with my fans…and give you and your blog FULL CREDIT.  I have a firm belief in supporting my fellow bloggers! 

Thank –You,


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