Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Apps for Surviving Travel

I have been lost in the “Windy City” for the past few days, and I officially fallen in love with a few new Apps on my I phone.    Who knew I could fall in love with technology….but I have! 

My Love for Instagram…
An Instagram Photo
I first refused to download Instagram after seeing it pop up on all my friends Facebook post, then one day I caved; downloaded the silly App and  I yep I fell in love!  Instagram is must for quick editing snap shots while on the go, sharing photos, and tracking.  I do not share every photo that I take on Instagram, but I Geotag every one to track where we have been.  2 thumbs up to the makers of Instagram, I love you!

My Affair with Postagram….
Send postcard’s from you phone….and they are CHEAP.  Just 2 days before departing for the Windy City, I received a text invite from a friend to check out this Postagram App.  I knew the sender is much more tech savvy than I, so I downloaded the app….and now I am so grateful I did!  I am constantly sending photos to our beloved GaGa (great grandma), and this App makes it SOOOO much easier! 

My Sanity Saved with Trip Advisor City Guides….
As you know Chicago is no small city, and normally I rely on books, maps, and travel guides from the Visitor’s Centers and CVB’s.  This time I found Trip Advisor City Guides a step above anything sent to my by the Chicago Visitor’s Center, any other Apps that I found…even the ones I elected to pay for, or my normal GPS.  Trip Advisor City Guides is an interactional, on the go, City Guide to many cities around the world.  What I love, is I can search what’s close by, the top things around  me, and then it points me on my way…..for this small town girl in the big city, this was a true SANITY saver!  High-5 to Trip Advisor for this great App! 

Peace out my friends!

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