Saturday, February 18, 2012

On the mantle

Hitchin down this lonely road this stormy night I got no home
Been on the road for many years all I know is to roam

Ducked into this old abandoned   farmhouse Just to get out of the rain
Door was barely  hangin on,  just one unbroken window pane

I spied and old time fireplace, Heavy mantle hangin there
Upon the mantle was a picture, a lady with long dark hair

I dusted off the picture, And much to my surprise
I heard a step behind a sob, a sigh, and then me

There before me stood an angel, Hard to see her in that light
But for her amazing beauty, I might of died right there from fright  

She spoke so soft and sweetly, I was scared to make a sound
Is she a ghost or is she real, this beauty I have found

Feelin brave, I reach to touch her, but she just moved away
You know I could have loved you, she just seemed to say

“Where were you all those years, those years I’ve waited here?
Walked these halls for fifty years, I’ve just been waiting here”

I’ve never loved, nor shared it, I’ve lived a loners life
Now I think about her, I wished I’d lived a different time

I turned around and she was gone, like mist she moved away
Looked back to that old picture, and heard that sweet voice say

“Where you were all these years, these years I’ve waited hear
You know I could have loved you, if you were only here”

Outside the storm was quiet, so I set that picture down
Slipped out the door and walked away, I followed footprints on the ground

They led to an old cemetery, and one old lonely stone
The inscription read, I could have loved you,  if you would have only come back home

Author Earl Schrum 01/10/04

Earl is a comedian by day, and a poet by night!  Just kidding folks, but Earl does share the TRUE Missouri spirit.  Earl is a proud Missourian, and probably has funny as any Missourian may come.  Thank You Earl for taking the to share your poetry!

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