Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hotel Safety Tips from the Missouri Traveling Mom

We recently returned from our midwinter family vacation at CoCo Keys Indoor Water Resort in Kansas City, Missouri. First, I will say my kids loved it, they thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to burn up the stored winter energy in the gigantic water park. However, much like many of our “adventures” this trip was an educational trip for us, but educational in a very unexpected way.

We travel as a family fairly frequently, but never before have I had a situation happen like happened to us on our trip to CoCo Keys, and friends please use my experience as your learning tool.

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  1. Our family(with 3 teens 14,17 and 20) had a lovely, informative and enjoyable tour with He was so knowledgeable(former art history professor) and really brought the art to life for our family. His special anecdotes and information made the enormity of the museum manageable, plus provided an excellent introduction to Spanish history.Afterwards, we had a stroll through some of the older neighborhoods and ended up in a typical local resteraunt for lunch. Later in our trip, when we went through the Picasso museum in Barcelona, my children were very interested in Picasso's interpretation of Velasquez's works-thanks to all they learned from Mr Satt. That is a great success to me!

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