Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rescued….from a nasty nail by GearHeads Auto Repair.

Car Care…those are two words I take for granted…I am blessed that Ryan is excellent about keeping on top of everyday car care, but when he is not around I am at a loss. 
Last week, at the local gas station I was adding a bit of air to my tires when the owner to GearHeads Auto Repair pulled up.  It is a good thing to know a good mechanic, but for a mechanic to go out of his way to help you speaks far beyond than just being a good mechanic.

Carlos (owner of GearHeads Auto) took pity on this very much non-mechanical girl and offered more than just assistance on airing up my tires.  Soon after passing Carlos at the gas station, I found myself sitting in GearHeads’ lobby, and sure enough Carlos and his fine staff found a not so friendly nail in my tire.

What a relief!  I can honestly say being an “Adventurist”, it is a scary thing having the possibility of a flat tire.  I give GearHeads AutoRepair 2-thumbs up for going beyond the call of duty and stopping his day to assist me with my airing up my tires and then finding that nasty nail in my tire. 

GearHeads Auto Repair is located on highway 25 just outside of Jackson, MO.  You can give them a call at 573-204-3422.  They will happily schedule an appointment to winterize your car, or check your tires for some nasty nails! 

 Have a Great Day!


  1. Sounds like an auto shop that went way above the call of duty to help out a customer; you can tell they are passionate about their work!

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