Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Walk in the Park at Cape Girardeau Nature Center

We have rounded the corner of October into November and this year has almost slipped away.  Sadly, those warm days will come fewer and farther apart, but every chance we get we still try to spend some days OUTSIDE. 

The Gang

One of our favorite places to spend those few warm days at is the Cape Girardeau Nature Center's Trails.  Why you ask?  These trails are not only kid friendly, but they are MOM friendly….I love the outdoors, love to hike, love to discover nature, but as I have recently been told, I have not discovered my “inner compass” yet. 

Our Tree People
The trails at Cape Girardeau Nature Center are well marked, well laid out, and easy to follow….even my gal pal and I braved it with FIVE kids and survived….some call us crazy!  Our day on the trail we discovered a turtle, enjoyed the changing leaves, and burnt up lots of extra energy.  

The “White Oak Trace” trail is 2 miles long, which offers just enough time for those little people to run out of energy and still enjoy it. 

   Tips of the Trail

-          No Pets allowed…not even on a leash, so leave your furry friends at home this trip out. 
-          Trail is open from sunrise till 10pm daily
-          The Nature Center is open Tuesday – Saturday 8-5 (except holidays) 
-          Parts of the trail are handicap accessible & STROLLER FRIENDLY, but not all sections. 

For more information on the trail visit Cape GirardeauNature Center’s website or VisitCape’s Website. 
Have a Fun Adventure!

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