Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Perryville Pumpkin Farm, Perryville, MO

*****NOTE*** This was originally posted in 2011, but Perryville Pumpkin Farm is awesome, we are sharing it again!  

The kids and I made our plans to find the PERFECT Pumpkin.  I had heard rave reviews from several fellow mommas about the Perryville Pumpkin Farm….so timing was right and we hit the road to Perryville MO

We were pleasantly surprised that Perryville Pumpkin Farm was well equipped with not only perfect pumpkins, but a perfect BIG GREEN TRACTOR.  Yep, they made D-man's day by pulling the hayride to pumpkin patch with his favorite kind of tractor. 

We searched long and hard for the perfect pumpkin, the experts (Lesse & D-man) had many specific ideas what the perfect pumpkin should look like.  Mommy had one specific rule; they had to be able to carry their own pumpkin!  We found our perfect pumpkins and currently the perfect pumpkins have found a new home…the middle of our living room coffee table!  What can I say it was Perfect Pumpkin Love at first sight!

While pumpkins and tractors made our day, we could not leave without taking a run through this rather educational corn maze. Parents this maze is more than a maze it also is a quiz, but I can't give you the answers just yet.  If a well-organized corn maze, a hayride, and finding the perfect pumpkin is not enough. Perryville Pumpkin Farm also has pumpkin bowling, adorable goats, and a tire throw game. 

Perryville Pumpkin Farm is located at 1410 Allens Landing Road in Perryville, MO.  The farm is open seven days a week thru November 1, but wagon rides to the patch operate Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm (or by appointment.)  For more information or a complete list of details, please check Perryville Pumpkin Farm’s facebook page or give them a call at 573-513-2899.

While Perryville Pumpkin Farm earned our 2-Thumbs up seal of approval for being a fun family outing, parents I must add they earn my hubby’s 2-thumbs up for being an affordable afternoon!  While I never want to give exact prices (because prices change, and family size varies) I left my house with $20.00 and came home with more than $5.00 worth of change! 

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