Monday, September 26, 2011

Vegan or Not.....Maybe Just "Semi"

Over the past weekend, I made a BOLD announcement on facebook that my family was going “semi” vegan.  Being that facebook is messed up and I really thought no one would read my status; I was not a bit worried about making it.  Then I started getting replies, questioned, and decided I had better explain a bit. 
“SEMI” vegan I know here I am going to be called a hypocrite, liar, and a fake….we are not totally abandoning meat.  Sorry, I am a cattle farmers daughter and beef is in my blood, however, I rarely eat red meat anyways, only when we are out for dinner or at my parents. We will continue to eat meat when it is served to us, or on occasion when we are out and salad's or vegan food is not possible, so if you see us eating meat then please know we have not fallen off the wagon.

I will also continue to cook with dairy products when needed, I have some allergies that prevent me from using certain products, and so when needed dairy will be used….health first is my priority. 

Now to explain why…This weekend Ryan and I watched the film “Forks over Knives” a documentary on plant based diet.  In reality, it is not feasible for us to totally give up meat- based food at this point in our lives, but we are lessening the amount of meat-based food in our house. 

On that note, this is not an animal lover’s choice (sorry thousands of animal lovers), this is not a political stand, this is a PERSONAL HEALTH decision.  Many know and I proud to say over the past few years (since Dillard left my belly) I have been on the battle of obesity.  Between Celesse and Dillard, I had let myself go for various reasons, and after Dillard was born for a couple different reasons I knew I had to change my life.  I became a “semi” fitness freak….I say semi because I only go to the gym or go running one time a day!  
Me - December 2008

In the past 3 years, I say this with pride and embarrassment I have lost nearly 100 pounds almost 1/3 of my body weight…YUCK!  Ryan and I both looked at our diet have trimmed soda, alcohol (for the most part, we do still occasionally consume wine), and salt out of our diet.  We eat very little meat, processed foods, and fast foods (except salads). 
Our Family Picture August 2011

From yesterday forward, we are trimming even more, becoming more heart healthy, and looking for ways to become even healthier.  I do not expect anyone to join us in this quest, because it is a personal quest, I do wish everyone would watch the film “Forks over Knives” for your own benefit and your own knowledge….from there I will not say another word….except I may share a few laughs on this attempt.  My Sassy Celesse hates vegetables, so it may be a bit of challenge to win her over! 

Sending many Laughs, Smiles, and Hugs your way! 

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