Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JP's Midwest CUB-ARAMA Tractor Show

2010 JP's Cub-Arama

Tractor lovers of all ages will be hitting the road to Fredericktown, Missouri this weekend for JP's annual Cub-Arama.

Cub-Arama is held  at the Jaycee Park inside Fredericktown, and while they refer to this as a "little" show...don't believe them for one minute!  This tractor show is packed with tractors of all sizes mostly Farmall, International Cub, and Cub Cadet, and if your lucky you may even catch a glimpse of a pink tractor there!
The Pink Tractor at 2010 Cub-Arama

Events for the weekend included cruisin around town on Friday afternoon, parade mid-Saturday morning, kiddie tractor pull, adult tractor games, and much more.

As a Mom, yep my mommy side is kicking in, I must say this is a great tractor show to take the little guys to.  While there will not be a great diversity of tractor brands, there are lots of tractors, tractor accessories, and tractor enthusiast to see and meet.  I will also add the show is nicely located in the park (on flat ground) so it is easy walking and a safe location for the kiddos to enjoy some tractors!

To read more about JP's Cub-Arama please visit their website:

Have a great weekend!


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