Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photos of HideAway Cafe near Marquand, MO

Are you looking for great old fashion hometown cooking then HideAway Café is the place you must stop at.  On the menu at the HideAway Café is the highly recommended chocolate pie, but also offering great fish, shrimp and chicken tenders on Friday nights, and Thursday nights is now steak night!   Their unique exterior and interior design expresses the experience of HideAway Café; you may feel like you back home in Grandma’s kitchen.  While all the other places in town are just as cool to eat at this happens to be my daughter’s favorite; she insisted this year that we visit the HideAway Café for her birthday….the secret is their chocolate pie.  Apparently, in my daughter’s eyes no one makes chocolate pie as good as the HideAway Café does!  The HideAway is open Tuesday and Wednesday 6 am until 7 pm and Thursday thru Saturday 6am until 8pm, the café is not exactly inside of Marquand, but is just outside of Marquand on highway A. 

Birthday Pie

Yep, it earns our 2 thumbs up seal of approval

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