Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photos of Bennett Springs State Park Lebanon, MO

What a Cute Old Man.....he loved fishing!

He had a good morning fishing! 

The Beauty of Missouri. 

Dedicated Fishermen

Wish I had his skills!

Nighty Night! 

What a View!

My brave Fly Fishing Instructor Eric

Thank Goodness there are no hooks! 

Yes even the kiddos got into the action!

Feeding the Crop

Dad can we fish here?

Lots of Tangles!

Ryan learned much faster than I did!

Our stay at Bennett Springs State Park was sponsored by The Missouri Division of Tourism and a BIG Thank you to them for giving us the opportunity to see how Great Missouri is!


  1. My husband and I use to trout fish there. We stayed that the cabins right outside the gate and like to eat at the lodge. It is a beautiful area.

  2. It is absolutely beautiful...I am not a fisher yet, but sure enjoyed the fly casting lessons! The lodge has great food, first time I have ever had trout & loved it!


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