Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cape Girardeau, MO Riverfront

As the evenings begin to cool off and summer begins to fade away to fall are you starting to crave the outdoors again.  Fall always seems to be my family’s favorite time of the year; when all the county fairs begin to arrive, when the air begins to get cool crisp smell, and when we have the desire to step out of the air conditioning for more than a second.

While typically we think of the “downtown” Cape Girardeau area as the area for the college kids, the club goers, or those that like to dine in style.  However, I must beg to differ we find downtown Cape Girardeau, MO to just as kid friendly as the zoo.  I know call me crazy, but let me fight my case here! 

She was telling me we were at peace thanks to the ice cream!

Sometimes my kids act cute!
Learning History
Old Town Ice Cream Co.

The Riverfront Park, located right on the riverfront.  This has always been a favorite for us as we spend evenings down praying for a boat to come by, throwing rock in the river, or just strolling back and forth along the river wall.  On the outside of the river wall is the amazing murals; I have found this is the perfect place to teach a little history about our area without even having to work at it.  Now the best part of the Riverfront Park is Port Cape’s Old Town Ice Cream Co.  Yep, this place earned two thumbs up with a messy grin! 

On down the road a bit is our other favorite riverfront hangout; the old bridge now look out, this little park that sits to back of Southeast Missouri’s River Campus (Morgan Oak Street) is just the perfect place to practice your running round off, cartwheels, or just run off that extra energy.  We have also found this to be a great place to sit and just watch the train goes by… seems to be the safest as you are far away from the tracks and still have that perfect view!  
View of the Park

For more information on Cape Girardeau, MO Riverfront Park or other parks, please visit tourism bureau:  Visit Cape Girardeau, MO

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  1. Thanks for such a great post! We love the riverfront too, but we're awfully biased :) Are you going to Tunes at Twilight tonight? Should be lovely weather.


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