Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day...Let Freedom Ring!

Tonight as my kiddos and I lay on our blanket in the slightly wet grass in the city park and watched the fireworks explode above us; I was reminded how blessed we are to be able to celebrate our freedoms! As those fireworks exploded we laughed, giggled, and tried to guess the next color; I thought of how hard our forefathers, my father, and many other fathers and mothers have fought so that our freedom is insured!
Our entire weekend was packed full of road trips, art museums, car shows, we toured a farm, we ate strawberry shortcake, we went swimming at Papa’s & Memaw’s farm, and we never once thought can we do this! We never once worried about our safety or our freedoms all we worried about was our fun!
Thank you to all those men and women who have served, fought, and have dedicated their lives to protect our freedoms and to give us a reason to celebrate this evening!
God Bless the USA!

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