Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sam A Baker State Park



Sam A Baker State park may be one of the best known park in our area. I know tons of folks that camp, hike, and hang out at Sam A Baker! Sam A Baker is AWESOME! This is my fifth stay at the park and second stay in their lovely cabins! I must confess I am NOT a camper I am all about the comfort, but LOVE nature and adventure!

Sam A Baker Cabins http://www.samabaker.com/cabins.html

This is home away from home nestled in the wilderness. The cabins are fully furnished except a TV which is awesome to me! You must pack your own food, but have all the necessities to cook your food. Bedding, towels, and pretty much anything you need is right there, however, they do not provide maid service so when you need fresh towels you hike across the road to the store and they will replenish you with fresh towels, trash bags, and anything else you might need. The store also has many things that you might have forgotten (aluminum foil for us this trip)! You cannot ask for better customer service with always smiling faces. On Saturday morning we were getting ready to head our for our wild day and the little gal working at the front desk offered to look up the weather so I knew what to expect for the day. I can really appreciate someone who takes the extra step to make my visit better earns extra stars from me!

The Park

Sam A Baker park is awesome all the way around they have great camper facilities, clean park grounds, great playground, and my favorite part the awesome trails. They have a great paved running/bike trail ( I logged 9 miles of running while there) it connects the store to the upper and lower campground and runs along the river. If you want to see wildlife you will get an up close look at them while on the trail....I had a few deer following me on my run! They also have awesome hiking trails with storm shelters along the trails. You can also find plenty of areas to swim in the park; during our trip last summer we discovered the shut-ins and so enjoyed a quick swim during our hike!

Sam A Baker has much more to offer they have a full service lodge; I have never ate there, but have smelled the food and would say it's YUMMY! They also offer float trips, kayaks, canoes, and tubes. I am sure I have left some stuff out, but you need to go and visit to get all the details and enjoyment!

Here is the link below to the main page of the park, check out my photos and think of close fun trip! http://www.samabaker.com/index.html

God Bless!


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