Monday, February 1, 2021

I met all the perfect people

In the 5 years and 1 month that I have been in volunteer public leadership; I have met all the perfect people.  They are the most perfect people; never making mistake, never speaking out of turn, never doing anything wrong.   They are so perfect their poo must have sparkles.   They are just perfect spectacular.  

Can you believe this?  Me either, but it is true, just ask them.  

They are experts, absolute experts, at everything.  Their talents are so mind blowing that they do not even have to use their talents things just naturally happen - I wish.  

They are so good at every single thing that they make anyone else look like total complete failures.  Believe me they tell everyone that. 

They have this unique way of describing everyone else on social media - everyone else, meaning anyone serving them, as the scum on the bottom of a 50 year old farm pond.  

They were born geniuses in every single field on every single subject.  They do not even have to research anything or gather facts - it just flows out of their perfect brain and out to the public. 

Public Leadership - especially unpaid leadership is exhausting and draining.  I use to say paid public leadership was the same, but at least they are earning a pay check for the abuse, but volunteers they sign up to do this for free.  (palm to face) 

When I first started this journey of public volunteer leadership I was a lot nicer of a person, but then I met all the perfect people and I realized how worthless I am.  

Be kind to those who serve you for FREE they are the reason the world goes around.  

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