Sunday, January 10, 2021

Greatest Mission Field Ever

 Last night as I rode the spin bike at the gym I listened to Slightly Offensive's podcast regarding the Capitol intrusion on the 6th.  ( Some parts of the broadcast I agreed with some I disagreed.  

People I personally know say Antifa was on the grounds - Elijah Schaffer says it was just a bunch of high emotions and hyped-up young men.

Regardless who it was, the last 5 minutes of his video gets very real, he talks about where we are as a nation – there have been one too many threats of Civil War – what the 6th did was just make American’s madder.

Some were so appalled they intruded the Capitol (apparently it is sacred), some were appalled that they were able to intrude the Capitol (apparently it should secure), and some are appalled that right leaners would even protest let alone charge the Capitol.

There are so many questions, but there is a lot to be learned from this.

1. We have a president in office and a president coming into office that no one really wants.  Most of us didn’t support Trump his first run (don’t lie – be truthful – I will -  I voted for Ben Carson and would do it again).  Joe Biden did not have the backing of his own party until like June or July of 2020 – the election was November.   We as a nation were voting for the person we hated less.  We have been doing that for years.  We do that every election on every level.  This should scare the (insert your choice word) out of us.  This should not be normal.

2. We are post 9/11, nearly 20 years post 9/11, how in the world did a bunch of unarmed “patriots” take the Capitol Building while armed police officers stood there?  Why were there cheap flimsy barricades when DC was expecting 1 million what many of them refer to as deplorable rebels?  I mean really? I would have thought you could get to Fort Knox easier than the Capitol building on January 6th that was supposed to be such an important day in history.

3. How far are we going to push the American people?   How far is Bill de Blasio, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Nancy Pelosi, AOC (which I had to google in early 2020 to even know who that was), and the other elitist going to push the working-class Americans?   How much or how little are we going to allow the media and big tech to manipulate us?

The frontline journalist, the ones capturing the footage that CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX uses to twist their story, are saying we are on the brink of a revolution or civil war. Americans are to the point of SNAPPING.  THIS should scare every single American and January 6th should be a wake up to our government leaders, this can happen and this is not far from happening.

We as American Christians need to put our differences aside and start praying – really praying – not just praying on Sunday morning led by the pastor.  We need to fall to our knees (or like me run hard) and cry out to God to lead us.  Forget mercy, forget begging for blessings, BEG for God to lead us.  Beg for him to lead all people.  Beg for hearts to be softened and turned over to God.

Christians - we NEED to reach our people.  We need to do more than call for peace on social media, we need get off our butts and work for peace.   We need to get out of comfort zones and leave the “issues” and politics behind and build peace.   Planting lettuce is peaceful (read next week's Banner Press for more details).

Our government leaders on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL need to turn their chair over to God.   They cannot run this country without him.   He will rule with or without them. He will rule and rebuild after they destroy.  If you are in leadership, take the easy way out, and humble yourself to God.  Beg him to lead you so you can lead others.

We need to STOP counting Covid deaths and START counting the TRUE Causality those that died that we did not have the chance to share the LOVE of Jesus with.  Those that did not see the amazing love of Christ.   We need to count the number of people that will not be in heaven with us.  Think about that.  Your neighbor, your brother, your mother, your child may not be in heaven because you did not do what God calls you to do.  Let that causality sink in.  Your neighbor, your brother, your mother, your child may burn in hell because you did not do what Christ calls you to do.

We need to pray for revolution, not a revolution of our Government, but a revolution against sin.  We need to pray God storms not only our Capitol Building, the White House, but the streets of every town across this great nation and hearts are changed.

Christians – this is not the end – Churches this is not the end – this is the Greatest Mission Field ever and he is calling you.

(note the photo is a photo from 8/7/2016 when OUR community wrapped Woodland School in prayer.  To my knowledge this is the last time this many Christians and Churches came together in our community - we need to change that- change starts at home.)

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