Sunday, January 31, 2021

Facebook Warriors

 In the middle of the day yesterday, after listening to the pastor preach about reaching people through social media - I decided there is a percentage of people on social media that will never be reached. The rude percentage.  

This is not one of my better post, this is raw, uncut footage of my brain.  The lack of ability to cover it all up has slipped away.  

People annoy me, not all people, but the ones that find it easier to be rude than to be real. 

This week there was a post on our city page regarding snow and slick streets, but some Facebook warrior jumped on and began cussing MODOT the state roads department. There is a large difference between the state and our tiny town, but just the same they felt the city page is where everyone should know how they felt about the state workers.  

Same day different location, there was a claim that county was to blame for the snow causing the streets and state highways to be slick.  Like what is the county going to do? Take their 3 road graders and clear the county roads so everyone can detour down the gravel roads for the 1 hour inconvenience of slippery roads.  

Then today, the breaking point hit, “why aren’t the Christmas decorations down in town?” The question alone wasn’t that bad, but the comments of saying we were lazy, slow, ect pushed me to the edge. And then someone defended the ridiculous comments.  Like really? People can call you names or describe you as lazy, but you can’t respond.  Really? 

Years ago I learned the word “door warriors” they are people who don’t actually contribute to anything, but just stand behind the door and criticize and call names. 

Door warriors have a whole new meaning with Facebook Warriors.  People who never show up, rarely contribute, make very little investment, but stand behind their keyboard and scream how bad those who are working are.  

You can say “turn the other cheek” “don’t worry about them” but we are all human and the constant criticism is exhausting.  

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