Friday, November 20, 2020

The Selfishness of the Pandemic

 I saw this meme floating around social media a few weeks back.  A woman had posted “this spoke to me”...

The meme is true, some of the best teachers were virtual.  However, this does not make the case for online learning.

Until the pandemic I never realized how selfish some people really are.  They think they are making their case and maybe they are, but they are not making the case for everyone.  

Virtual learning might work for some, but a majority it does not, so don’t be a jerk and preach why we should all go virtual. 

Virtual learning causes an unnecessary hardship for lower income parents.  Sure it’s easy to hire a babysitter and tutor when you make a six digit salary, but six digit salaries are not made by the working class.  I have heard the cries of the CNA’s, ya know the ones who are feeding your grandma and grandpa, as they juggle their kids “virtual” school, bounce their kids from multiple sitters, and try like hell to not make you mad with their frustrations of school not being open.  

Virtual learning causes an unnecessary struggles for kids with special learning needs.  Sure your kid can learn multiplication from The Magic School Bus while you cut star shaped cookies and let them figure how many points you created.  However your neighbor down the street has an extra chromosome and needs their specially trained teacher to help them learn to tie their shoe daily.  Their mom really tries to fill the void, manage the Google hangout, somehow keep her boss off her back as she is now working from home, and not make you mad by venting her frustrations.  

Not everyone can afford to “self-isolate”...Oh you want the kids to quarantine so you can get a day off.  That’s special, but did you call the small business owner to see how they felt about it?  You know the one who’s business name is on your kids soccer shirt?  Sure it might be fun to take an extra day off, go hunting as self-isolation, or catch up on your soaps, but your local market owner is praying nonstop they can just keep the doors open and make a little money.  They don’t need a day off.  They can’t afford to take a day off. 

We are all not the same.  We all can’t handle this “pandemic” the same.  So don’t be a jerk and share the meme’s to prove your point, because your point is not everyone’s point. 

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