Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mask Mandate Us, Quarantine Us, Social Distance Us!

Here is the world we are living in.  

I got a call from a friend the other day, their supervisor informed their office that if they were in a group of 10 or more they would be required to quarantine to stop the spread of Covid. 

So basically the tax funded agency  

they work for is saying; 

Oh you believe in Jesus and go to an active in service church? You may not go or you will be required to quarantine.  

Your kid plays ball.  Shucks watch it online or you will be required to quarantine.  

Your loved one died.  That stinks.  You can’t go the funeral or you would be required to quarantine.  

Your family drove half way across the state to see you?  Too bad, if there is 10 or more people may not go to see your family or you will be required to quarantine. 

You must go to big box stores, because the small stores will have 10 or more people too close together!  So may be required to quarantine if you shop there.  

Forget dining out unless you book the whole place to yourself and only let 9 people and the wait staff in or you may be required to quarantine.  

We keep hearing how awful it is that our Governor is not going to require a mask mandate or vaccine requirement.  

Honestly, I don’t think he will have to.  He will just let every tax funded entity make their own rules and require what they want to make other’s lives a living hell.  

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