Friday, June 9, 2017

Thank you for loving God.....

Dear Amanda,

Today I received a letter in the mail - in the past when I received letters from you, I dreaded them, but today this one made me cry for a different reasons!  It made me cry from joy and love.

When I first met you, it was not easy - then we went through an even rougher patch  - then one day
God took hold of both of our hearts and made us both realize that we could do better!  You were the courageous one that took the first step and every day I thank God for that.

I know this is the last place (my blog) that you wanted to end up - as your wrote me in private, but you deserve honor and recognition for the courageous, honorable, and loving actions you have done over the past few months.

You have Jesus in your heart!  This is my favorite thing about you!   We can do all things through Christ - no doubt!   In the past few months by following God's word and wisdom you have helped heal wounds that were deep and painful!  You have been a light where there was not a light before  - I am so thankful that you chose Jesus and allowed him to you use you!

You are a good Mom to my kids!  I know they are a lot to handle - I made them that way!  However, you comfort them when they are sad, you spoil them when they need to be, you discipline them when they are bad, you go out of the way to make sure I can talk to them, and most importantly you help guide them down the path of Jesus!  That means more to me than anything else in the world!

You are a shoulder to cry on!  Last week, when I  embarrassingly had a mini panic attack thinking that I would have to go few days without communicating with D - you shared your compassion, wisdom, and made it possible for me to talk to him regularly!  That means more to me than all the money in the world.

While you were not originally part of my life plan - I know you were part of God's plan for my life!   I know that he is using you to do great things and I am honored and full of joy to know you!  You have become more than his wife - you have become my sister in Christ.



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